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Galaxywap.com is a technology site created by Omoregie Osazee.
It was founded in January 23, 2016 by Omoregie Osazee. Below are categories offered by Galaxywap.com

  • Browsing tips
  • Computer tips
  • Phone Gadgets and Reviews
  • Blogging tips
  • Android tips
  • Networking
  • blackberry tips and lots more....

      Galaxywap.com offers consistent and up-to-date News to every audience or visitors. Our News are tapped from a trusted and reliable source.
      Galaxywap.com offers free browsing cheats/network short codes(free call codes) for all networks in Nigeria. Our short codes/tutorials about browsing are tested before being published to Galaxywap.com.
     Galaxywap.com also offers tips based on computer knowledge and technology. We made known to visitors about the latest technology (most especially mobile phones), and also their features and why man need to have them.
      Galaxywap.com is generally a site for news feed about the above categories mentioned.

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