Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to Protect Your Android From Hackers

Today, with the enormous increase of smartphone and PC users has simultaneously resulted in the increase of Cyber Frauds (Hackers). Computers and smartphones are falling victims of hacking. These users no longer have their privacy in their possession, and their devices are no longer secured in storing data. It seems like you're sharing your device with someone you don't even know of, and while they're benefiting from you, you get the loss at last.
We're here to give you useful tips and guides that will help you prevent your privacy and device from the hands of hackers. Below are some detailed tips to enable your device to stay away from being hacked, so all you have to do now is to read this post carefully and get the primary information that will help you carry out the task you are about to.

How To Prevent Your Device From Being Hacked.
Below are complete guides and methods you should carry out to keep your device from hackers.

  • Do not install apps from an untrusted source.
This is where most smartphone users get it wrong most especially Android subscribers. It is not advisable to download and install apps from source with no qualified certificates. So I recommend you should always download and install apps from Google Play store, because before apps get their way into Google Play Store, they must have been certified by Google telling you that it is trusted and free from threats.

  • Enable Android Device Manager on Your Android.
Allowing Android device manager to grant access to your Android will help you track your Android device no matter where you are. It becomes even useful when you lost your Android device or it was stolen. Android device manager can help you find and locate your lost smartphone irrespective of the distance.
Below are brief steps to make use of Android device manager.
* Make sure you have a valid Gmail account that can be accessible at any time and you are signed into the Gmail account
* At first, navigate to your Phone settings»› Security»› Device administrators»› And tick and activate Android device manager.

* Now go to google play store, and at the top right corner of your screen, you'll see a settings gear button, click on the gear button and. On the options that will be displayed, click on Android device manager.

* At this time, Android device manager will find and locate your lost or stolen phone, meanwhile a google map indicating your phone's name and model will appear on your screen interface. And the map will also tell you how far you are from your unseen Android phone which will enable you to track and find your lost Android phone.

But sometimes, it seems so difficult to track a device most especially when the device is farther apart from your location. But you may not want to lose the contents you saved in your lost phone, and the new user who has found your lost Android phone may access into your storage and hack into any of your relevant docs, files, and even information, and he/she may decline you from gaining access your files via another device.
But don't worry, you can still protect your docs and files from the new user. Read how, below.

Still on the map displayed on your screen. There,  you will find three tasks.  Which are;
»»» Ring»»» Lock»»» and Erase.
I'm not gonna explain much on them because they are easily understood.
»» Click Ring to call your lost device to enable you to locate it immediately.
»» Click Lock and provide a new password to immediately lock your lost device, and only you can access the phone with the password you provided.
»» Click Erase to wipe off all data and information present on your lost device, to prevent the new user from getting access to it.
That's all about Android Device Manager.

  • Ensure locking your message folders.

This is kinda helpful to Android users. Locking your messages is the best to keep your information and privacy protected from hackers. There are many tools you can use to lock your message folders, but the most recommendable tool is the SMS LOCKER. You can download it from play store by searching for SMS Locker, or rather click Here to connect to the app on play store immediately.
With SMS locker, you can use a  pattern to access your messages because most messages contain One-time password that can be used to access any of your social accounts online.
You can also use SMS locker to set up privacy on other messaging apps.

  • Always backup your data.
This is another useful tips to keep your Android devices safe from hackers. It is the most important task every Android users must perform because if by any means, your phone was attacked by an unknown, you might lose all your installed apps and data just because the hacker wants to corrupt your files and data. So I recommend you should use a tool to backup your data because there's nothing as painful as losing all your files just in one blink.
You can use apps like CM backup, or Titanium backup

  • Run the best antivirus apps on your Android Smartphone.
This is another most important task Android users should perform. Running Antivirus apps on your Android smartphone prevents it from harmful attacks and threats like Viruses and Malware.
I highly recommend Avast mobile Antivirus to all Android users, because it is one of the best antiviruses that easily detect and get rid of any threats immediately they find their way into the Android OS.
Another reason why Android users must have antivirus apps is that most antivirus can perform multiple functions apart from hijacking Malware and Viruses, like the CM mobile security, can wipe off viruses, protect your browser from malicious websites, block spam calls, and lots more.

  • Avoid saving passwords in your browser.
I have come to discover that saving passwords in your browser is at high potential risk. Though it's advantage is that, when signing in on an online platform or a website which you've already signed up and had saved the password, there will be no need of inputting your password and username any longer which will, of course, save our time. But the problem is that hackers can easily hijack your saved login credentials and use it for their own selfish aims.

So above are the tips and methods that will help you and your Android smartphone stay away from hacker’s attacks to avoid potential loss of your docs and files.
If you have any question relating to this topic, please make use of the comment box below.